Surfing Goat Catches Waves in California [Video]

Goatee the surfing goat isn’t the first animal to hop on a surfboard, but it is the latest to receive media attention. The Surfing Goat video has been viewed thousands of times on Youtube and was even featured on the Today Show.

Goatee, the pet of Dana McGregor, became a local celebrity in Grover Beach, California.

McGregor said:

“I just think it’s all hilarious. It’s just funny. Going with her everywhere and friends calling me up everywhere and just going, your goats famous… You know it hasn’t gotten to her head yet. She doesn’t even know it and that’s probably a good thing.”

Here’s the video of Goatee the surfing goat.

Is anyone else impressed? Bored? (You can see Garrett McNamara set a world surfing record on a 90-foot tall wave here)

McGregor said that he got Goatee to help clean up his property. McGregor told KSBY:

“The main reason I got Goatee was to clean up the property with the weeds and the poison oak.”

McGregor also said that he planned on eating Goatee. McGregor used to live in Africa were goats are often eaten. But after spending some time with Goatee (and learning that he owned a surfing goat) McGregor changed his mind about eating his celebrity friend.

McGregor said that he has been contacted by a national magazine to do a feature story about the surfing goat. He’s also thinking about doing a weekly video about goatee in order to raise money to buy goats for families in third world countries.

Do you think Goatee the surfing goat is the coolest thing you’ve ever seen? Or did you just waist a few minutes watching a goat stand on a board?

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