Jessa Duggar Talks Church Rumor, Posts Scripture To Quash Haters

It’s probably the kind of attention the Conservative Christian family doesn’t need, but in the midst of the growing controversy over an alleged church consummation, Jessa Duggar finally talked, sort of, about the internet rumor. As gracefully as she appears on the 19 Kids and Counting show, Ben Seewald’s wife turned to Bible scripture to defuse the sex-scandal noise stirring about.

Arguably, not many saw the scandal coming, especially not Jessa and Ben, who looked forward to joining hands together in holy matrimony. And in an instant, their special day was tainted with rumors that claimed they couldn’t wait to consummate their marriage in their private home. Instead, Jessa Duggar-Seewald and her husband are said to have done so in the Lord’s House. They haven’t openly talked about the stunning headlines and rumors, but Jessa took the high-road, turned to her faith and posted a scripture from Romans, 12:17-21.

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

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The rumor began on a blog owned by a woman named Ashleigh, who claims to know the Duggars. Evidently, a user who also claims to know the family reported that her daughters and Jessa Duggar’s younger sister, Jinger, walked in on something disturbing: Ben and Jessa were allegedly having sex in a backroom of the church during their wedding reception. Supposedly, many thought the newlyweds were shy about having their first kiss and was saving it for them and the Lord in private. But, apparently, they had loftier plans to make their vows official, this according to Mel B, who said she was conflicted on how to talk about what her daughters witnessed.

“I was very upset when I was told about the incident that was witnessed by the girls when the door to the room they were in was accidentally opened. I am not sure why they would not wait for the evening to pray and then consummate God’s marriage. The Lord has blessed them and brought them together. To hear so many people discussing what they inadvertently walked into was heartbreaking and troubling. Why did this happen? How could this beautiful, joyous day now be forever tainted and destroyed by rumors about what the girls may (or may not have) seen? And if this is true why would they commit such an act in the Lord’s home.”

Meanwhile, Ashleigh caught the ire of readers who demanded that she take down the woman’s gossip about the couple. Instead, she appeared to support the rumor, and insisted everyone respect the Seewalds and allow them to have their privacy.

Instead of shutting down her readers and drawing them to her side, her strategy backfired. Readers turned on her for supporting what Jessa Duggar did, and talked about Ashleigh possibly masquerading as the person spreading the rumors. After the fallout reached critical mass, the blog’s owner had a change of heart and issued an apology.

“Edit: I am removing Mary B.’s comment. I did not before because I do not believe in censoring others. I did not realize that by allowing it to remain on my page that I was perpetuating a rumor and allowing it to escalate to the level that it did.

“Anyone who calls me Mary B. will have their comments deleted promptly. Mary has outed herself as a farce, and I am NOT Mary, so please stop calling me Mary. I am Ashleigh.

“To the new couple: I am sorry that your personal life has been plastered all over the internet in such a disturbing manner. If I could take it back, I would. It was very crude of Mary B. to post such horrid things on a public forum, and it was wrong of me to allow it to stay up.”

Meanwhile, Ben and Jessa Duggar are not talking church rumors, but are said to be enjoying their honeymoon (in this picture) in an undisclosed location. And to make sure they focus on one another instead of the toxic talk about what allegedly took place on their wedding day, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar posted a throwback kissing picture (shown here) to support their daughter and son-in-law. Should Jessa Duggar talk publicly about the church rumor, or is Bible scripture the only response she needs to give?

[Image via: Duggar Family Blog]