‘GTA V’ Heists DLC On Its Way, Official PS4 And XBox One Launch Trailer Released

Fans of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) have been long anticipating the release of the GTA V Heists DLC. At this point, it may seem like the additional content will never be released, but the GTA V developer Rockstar Games insists the Heists expansion is on its way. A 1.18 patch is slated to be released for GTA V with new updates for the game, and its entirely possible that the Heists DLC will come along with it.

It’s been more than 400 days since GTA V Online was released, so fans are growing increasingly restless for the Heists DLC. According to the International Business Times, Rockstar Games told IGN that the new GTA V content would be “coming soon,” but did not reveal an official release date. A writer for Gamerant named Kyree Leary had some words of wisdom about the DLC:

“[B]est case scenario for heists is that Rockstar announces them prior to the game’s launch on current-gen hardware, on which it’ll also come to first, with last-gen to follow shortly after.”

Fans can only speculate if Heists will be released with the 1.18 GTA V update, and it’s likely that the DLC won’t arrive before 2015. Even waiting two more months for new GTA V content seems like a long wait, but Rockstar released the following statement ensuring that the New Year would bring good things.

“Expect big things in both ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ next year including: ‘GTA Online’ Heists.”

So what’s taking Rockstar Games so long to release the GTA V updates? Rockstar claims they’re still working on them “to get them as polished and as fun as they can be.” But it’s possible the developer has another plan for Heists. According to Chinatopix, Rockstar could be intentionally delaying the DLC in order to release it alongside the launch of GTA V on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Releasing Heists with the 1.18 GTA V update or with the PS4 and Xbox One are both rumors, and many GTA V rumors have failed so far–including the expectation of the Heists DLC by Halloween of 2014.

In the meantime, Rockstar Games has released the official launch trailer for GTA V on the new home platforms, PS4 and Xbox One. Even if Heists doesn’t come out with them, you can watch the exciting new promo in the GTA V YouTube video below.

What do you think about GTA V’s new updates? Will the Heists DLC come any time soon?