4-Year-Old Hotel Implosion: Child Becomes ‘Honorary Staff Member’ Of Hospital, Takes Down Old Hotel

A 4-year-old boy assisted in a planned hotel implosion in Atlanta, and the story has made news around the country. According to the SpreadIt, DJ Pitts became an “honorary staff member” of the Children’s Health Care of Atlanta, which will have its administrative offices built in place of the old hotel that was demolished with a little bit of help from Pitts.

The child has been staying at the healthcare facility for the past six months, getting treatment after he ingested engine cleaner. Pitts has undergone several surgeries in order to try to repair his esophagus and his stomach. He wears a cape around the hospital, as he is a big fan of superheroes. Pitt is now known as “Demolition Boy,” since he got to use his super powers to take down a building.

The 4-year-old who was behind the hotel implosion (which took 20 seconds to completely come down) had a little bit of help from a demolition crew. All DJ Pitts had to do was push a button. There were dozens of charges on several different floors that ensured that the building came straight down, but he doesn’t know that. You can probably imagine Pitts’ excitement when he was the one to set it all off.

“He’s using his superpower strength. He’s going to help us blast down the building.He’s going to push the plunger that signals the demo of the building,” said Children’s Health Care of Atlanta worker Steve Lange

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the little boy has become an inspiration for so many kids. In fact, his choice to wear a cape has inspired “cape day,” and has given other children the courage to go through tough times just by putting on a cape. Many feel as though kids who have to go through vigorous treatments in hospitals are superheroes, so DJ’s decision to wear a cape is quite fitting.

“He’s very excited. Like when we pulled up to the site and showed him the building he just started smiling from ear to ear,” said DJ’s mom.

Building implosions are fascinating, and tend to attract a lot of people. Last year, the Inquisitr reported that a 12,500 ton building was taken down on the Cal State-East Bay campus. You can read about that here.

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