Candy Spelling Calls Dean McDermott A Liar

Candy Spelling has a message for son-in-law Dean McDermott: Don’t throw me under the bus! While making an announcement to Access Hollywood last week that he was leaving True Tori, McDermott was asked about the relationship between his family and his mother-in-law Candy Spelling, widow of legendary television produces Aaron Spelling.

Specifically, Access Hollywood hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover wanted to know if Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott has received any help from Candy Spelling and the massive estate Aaron Spelling left behind.

Citing his well-publicized recovery following admitting himself to rehab for sex addiction and substance abuse in January, Dean insisted on being completely honest. According to him, Tori has never received any money from Candy Spelling or the Aaron Spelling estate, worth an estimated $500 million dollars. Of the $500 million, Tori Spelling received only $800,000 in cash and real estate. By most accounts, Tori Spelling has had to curtail her spending habits and adjust her tastes to accommodate her lower income.

Dean elaborated, saying that Tori Spelling only sees Candy around eight times a year, usually on birthdays and holidays.

Candy Spelling is crying foul. A representative of Candy contacted Access Hollywood after Dean’s interview aired telling a very different story.

“Candy has provided financial help in the past and has offered repeatedly to pay for the children’s private schooling and Tori has never told her where to send the money,” Candy Spelling’s rep said in a statement to Access Hollywood.

According to Candy Spelling, she only sees the family eight times a year because that’s the way Tori and Dean want it.

“Candy reaches out often to see them and unfortunately Tori and Dean are not often responsive.”

That doesn’t mean that Candy Spelling doesn’t admit to having a hand in the difficult relationship she has with her only daughter, Tori Spelling. In her book, Candy at Last, Spelling addresses her relationship with Tori Spelling, who has spent years airing her side of their relationship on reality TV.

“Tori and I are a work in progress and probably always will be. I notice that the more my self-esteem expands, the less patience I have for the pursuit cycle she creates when she shuts me out. We have a pattern, and until we can break it hand-in-hand, this is going to be the little dance she and I do together.”

Tori Spelling hasn’t addressed husband Dean McDermott’s jab at her sometimes estranged mother, nor her mother’s response. However, when the reality star was hospitalized in late October for bronchitis and a sinus infection, she posted this photo to her Instagram account.

This sick in hospital I finally see how quickly life can take it all away frm you. We all need 2 step up frm inside& go 4 it! W/our friends by our side. Sadly I’ve finally faced truth that 1 person will never be there 4 me #TrueTori

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