Demi Lovato Side Boob, New Tattoo Showcased

Demi Lovato side boob tattoo

The popular singer is in the news once again, as Demi Lovato side boob takes center stage thanks to a new tattoo and the meaning behind it. Lovato is no stranger to ink, of course, with several well-known tattoos adorning her body. Most of them have some kind of meaning particular to Demi.

In a photograph appearing on E! Online, a Demi Lovato side boob shot showcases the new tattoo, which is a series of Roman numerals. The numbers seem cryptic on first glance, but the former Disney star’s family is at the center of the ink. Astute Twitter users and fans of Demi Lovato translated the numerals and the meaning behind the side boob ink.

Twitter user @EmpireOfDLovato summed it up.

The numbers are dates. Dianna is Demi Lovato’s mother, Dallas is her sister, as is Maddie, Eddie is her step-father, and Patrick her biological father.

Demi Lovato is not new to meaningful tattoos. “Stay Strong” adorns her wrists where suicidal cuts might be made and twelve birds fly up from the word “Faith” on her right arm towards a cross on the heel of her hand. Her feet have “Let go” and “Let God” tattooed on them as well, says the Daily Mail.

Demi Lovato red dress

Most recently, before the latest side boob reveal, Demi Lovato had “Now I’m a warrior” tattooed on her left shoulder. That ink was put there after her recent album debuted, explaining to Jimmy Kimmel on his show that it refers to the song “Warrior,” which is significant to her as it recounts her battle with depression and bi-polar disorder, detailed in the Inquisitr earlier this year.

“This is a song that was really difficult for me to write, record and now release. It was kinda like a tribute to releasing an album, as well as overcoming some really, really difficult things in my life,” Demi Lovato told Kimmel.

Demi Lovato was recently in studio with Nick Jonas recording a duet, and has been on tour talking about her mental illness to raise awareness. As the Demi Lovato side boob shot shows, she found time in that schedule to get the meaningful tattoo added to her menagerie. This leaves fans wondering: What could be next for the star?