Here Are The Five Best ‘All About That Bass’ Covers On YouTube Right Now

Admit it! You’ve been bopping your head to “All About That Bass” for at least a month now, and we’re not even blaming you. Meghan Trainor’s instant classic is beyond catchy, and the lyrics aren’t too bad either. It was refreshing for pop music fans to hear music aimed at promoting positive self-image, instead of the usual skinny-is-awesome, chubby-is-bad shtick.

Trainor’s most popular song spawned hundreds of cover versions of “All About That Bass,” but only a few stood out. We sorted through hundreds of videos and ranked the five best “All About The Bass” covers available on YouTube right now. Enjoy!

Texan singer Tanner patrick just made “All About That Bass” much more appealing to teen girls without all the Bieber-esque flash. Tanner sings the song in his signature teenage acoustic coolness, placing his cover on the fifth spot of this list.

Yuuwi Choow has the cutest “All About That Bass” cover on the internet, bar none.

Kate Davis and Scott Bradlee have possibly the smoothest “All About That Bass” cover on the internet right now. Kate Davis sings the song with such soul that we just had to include her on the list. With Scott Bradlee on the piano, this “All About That Bass” jazz cover is sure to make your day.

Yes, it’s a country version. No, it doesn’t suck. Home Free Vocal Band produced one of the coolest versions of “All About That Bass” on YouTube right now. The group’s country twist on “All About That Bass” is the best all-male version of the song on YouTube. Who knew good ol’ yodeling and country’s Southern twang would make this song ten times better?

Yes, Avi Kaplan is that smooth, bass vocalist for the acclaimed a cappella group Pentatonix. In this video, he collaborates with Mario Jose and Naomi Samilton in what may be the best “All About That Bass” cover in this universe right now. Kaplan lends his mesmerizing voice to the song, with Mario and Naomi filling in on the verses. This is definitely worth the watch. Mario Jose’s voice is the most soothing thing you’ll hear this week. Plus, Naomi Samilton is probably the coolest singer you’ve never heard.

Do you agree with our list? Write your suggestions for more “All About That Bass” covers on the comment section below.

[Image from VEVO/YouTube]