Guys Hilariously Try To Do Yoga For The First Time [Video]

Maybe it’s the music that often accompanies the yoga videos that have become ubiquitous in American culture, but the art of yoga has often been derided as something distinctly un-masculine by the public at large. A new video at Buzzfeed follows a group of men who say similar things about it before a lesson with a professional — “it’s kinda sleepy, right?” among them.

After comically failing through the lesson, all the men seem to have changed their tune after struggling with what they termed as “stretching” beforehand. Many of them say that it was much more difficult than they had thought, with one participant calling it “the real deal.”

“People who say that yoga isn’t a workout are totally wrong.”

Yoga is also open to other criticisms besides simply calling it emasculating. A exorcist at a Catholic church in the Philippines said that those who practiced yoga risked opening themselves up to demonic possession.

What do you think? Is yoga traditionally feminine?