Kat Von D: Jesses James Cheated on Me with 19 Women

Who didn’t see this coming? After Jesse James famously cheated on his Oscar winning wife Sandra Bullock, he landed in the open arms of Kat Von D. But apparently James hasn’t been faithful to Kat either. Kat Van D said that Jesse James has cheated on her with 19 other women.

Kat Von D wrote on Facebook:

“Today I encountered the 19th girl to add to the list of people Jesse cheated on me with during this last year…. I know I deserve a big fat ‘I told you so,’ from everyone… There was a time when I was confident and excited at proving the world wrong, because I believed so deeply in people’s ability to change for the better.”

Kat Von D said that she is moving on from the “toxic” relationship and that she feels bad for James. Von D wrote:

“It just made me sad today to imagine him still in that dark place – where seeking validation through the attention of women takes precedence over being a good father, a sincere friend, a better coworker, and a happy individual.”

In the Spring of 2010, news broke that James had cheated on Sandra Bullock with stripper Michelle McGee. After the affair was made public, several other woman stepped forward to say that they had also slept with James during his marriage to Bullock.

People reports that Kat Von D and Jesse James were planning a Summer wedding, but the couple split last September.

Do you feel bad for Kat Von D? Do you think Jesse James has the ability to be faithful?