Oculus Rift: Watch People Use It For The First Time, And The Ensuing Hilarity [Videos]

The Oculus Rift has raised a lot of questions about virtual reality gaming. One of those questions concerns the ability to maintain balance, since the device messes with the senses on such an unusual level.

Even though the picture is on the screen, you’re still wearing a headset which blocks out peripheral vision while putting the image directly in front of your eyes wherever you look. It can be disorienting and even cause nausea, as these videos will show you.

The first video shows a guy attempting to use the device for the first time as his friends film him. Everything seems fine for a couple of minutes until his friend behind him suddenly gives him a shove in the back. Suddenly he’s dancing like a cat on ice, even as that same friend keeps him from going down all the way, and it’s awkwardly hilarious.

Yes, it was a prank, but it shows how dangerous it can be to use the Oculus Rift. Had his friend not been there to help, he might have hit the floor with his head and suffered a serious injury.

The second video shows a man similarly using it for the first time as his helpers walk him through it step by step. He’s sitting down, but even that’s not enough to stop him from going straight down on his face while those in attendance laugh hysterically.

The third video gives a perfect example of how disconnected you can be from your real-life environment. Even though he allegedly tried the device after a few drinks and seemed to manage it well, he still tripped on something he would have seen otherwise when he tried to move around. The man who fell down in the video explained it rather well.

In nearly every case, the Oculus Rift makes anyone look a little tipsy trying it for the first time, especially with the roller coaster simulator everybody seems to be using it with. If you must use the device in public, make sure you have a friend handy to catch you, and sit down if you can.

According to Gizmodo, the virtual reality device’s PR people have stated that one in ten people who try it end up “freaking out.” It’s understandable, because you can’t see the real world, or even your body, and the visuals can mess with your sense of direction to a degree that you have trouble deciding which way is up.

Have you tried the Oculus Rift? If not, remember these videos and take precautions before you fall down and get laughed at, in the best case scenario.

[Image via Edge Online]