Jessa Duggar Rumor Update: Blogger First Supports ‘Sex In God’s House’ Claim, Then Apologizes [Report]

Jessa Duggar sex

After the steamy rumor surfaced about Jessa Duggar having sex with her new husband in the church following their nuptials, a Christian blogger, who claims to know the Duggar family, seemingly supported the gossip on her blog. However, after a sharp backlash ensued when the woman stood by the sex scandal of Ben and Jessa consummating their marriage, Ashleigh (aka The World is Roses) apologized to the 19 Kids and Counting reality TV family.

The Jessa Duggar rumor began on a Christian fundamentalist blog called My Life as a Stay at Home Wife and Mother. And based on the commentary, a reader whose handle was Mary B — and has since been deleted — is the source of the Duggar sex scandal, according to Radar Online.

Apparently, Jessa’s 20-year-old sister, Ginger, walked into a closed room at the church reception last Saturday after Jessa and Been were married, and witnessed them in the midst of a tryst. Mary B’s alleged role in the witnessing of the couple having sex is not clear.

Readers and fans of Jessa Duggar unleashed a bevy of angry comments towards Ashleigh, and accused her of upholding the rumor about the post-wedding consummation. Others even accused her of authoring a “fake parody” site and having no relation to the Duggars. The Christian site owner then spoke out and defended her decision to allow the gossip to permeate. She also affirmed her belief in marriage and sex before God no matter where it takes place, as long as it’s in private.

“What Mary B. and others have said I will not confirm or deny because it is not my business what married couples do. Even if it IS in God’s Holy house. Personally, I feel it’s not inappropriate as long as no one but the Lord sees you, so please lock the door. Sex was made by God for Man and Wife… so what could possibly be more glorifying to Him than to partake in what the Lord has made for you in His house? I hope you all have a wonderful life, and instead of trash talking this young couple, you look inside you and seek The Lord.”

Her attempt at calming the tide of anger wasn’t received well in her announcement. More fiery comments followed as many attacked her personally, while others challenged her to take personal inventory and not feed into the Jessa Duggar rumors. Suddenly, the blogger had a change of heart and offered an apology.

“Edit: I am removing Mary B.’s comment. I did not before because I do not believe in censoring others. I did not realize that by allowing it to remain on my page that I was perpetuating a rumor and allowing it to escalate to the level that it did.

“To the new couple: I am sorry that your personal life has been plastered all over the internet in such a disturbing manner. If I could take it back, I would. It was very crude of Mary B. to post such horrid things on a public forum, and it was wrong of me to allow it to stay up.”

Jessa Duggar and Ben have not confirmed or denied the rumor about their church marital consummation. However, if ratings mean anything — and they do — the scandal is drawing more attention to their reality TV series. If the rumors about Jessa and Ben are true, what does it say about their marriage? Was the blogger out of line or merely causing a dialogue?

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