Katie Holmes Has Run-in With Oasis’ Noel Gallagher

Back in the 90’s, Oasis like, had an album and lots of people bought it, when people still bought albums.

There was a song called “Wonderwall” and another one called “Champagne Supernova” and they played like, all the time on MTV for a while. Basically they were notable for sounding like the Beatles a little bit sometimes, and for saying crude things about other celebrities to get in the papers. Apparently they are still fairly good at the latter, and it would appear Noel Gallagher, one of the band’s two frontmen, has set up a blog so that his nasty comments about celebrities have a wider audience.

Gallagher recently had a run-in in Los Angeles with Scientologist-celebrity Katie Holmes. And while it seems the interaction went well at first, the actress did not want word of it spread, as Gallagher angrily tells everyone on his LiveJournal*:

We literally bumped into that top Scientologist Katie Holmes on the way into the studio. We came out of the lift and BANG, there she was… Now at this point my mate, and friend of the stars, Scully was doing a bit of filming for my website and managed to capture the moment. She did look a bit miffed at the various North-West accents and some vigorous handshaking, but there was no need to send one of her people over to demand the video be deleted!!!! Un-f*ckin’-believable.

We didn’t let it spoil the day though. And what a day. Loved it.

(*Not actually a LiveJournal.) Gallagher did report some friendlier interactions that day, having met up with Adam Sandler (who kind of has to be nice to everyone now since his film tanked) and Steve Martin.