Miley Cyrus Poses Topless And Shows Off ‘Hillbilly’ Side With Dentures

Miley Cyrus might be causing a ruckus once again. The envelope pushing pop star has decided to unleash a photo that has everyone talking. According to Rolling Stone, Cyrus decided to promote her new line of fake dentures. You read that right, Miley Cyrus has her own grotesque dentures that she’s showing off.

The fake grill was once called “Billy-Bob dentures” and is now “Miley-Bob Teeth.” So what do these dentures look like? They’re straight up “hillbilly.” Now normally we wouldn’t describe anything using that term, but Cyrus doesn’t give us much of an option to call them anything else.

The product, which is a part of Billy Bob Products, sells for $12 and as you can probably guess, it’s already sold out.

Miley posted an Instagram to announce that they’re out of stock with this unique caption.

“F–k yasssss #mileybob teef alweadyyyy sold out”

Miley Cyrus teeth

If the teeth look familiar, it’s because they’re the same teeth she puts in during some of her performances while on tour. It’s also a look that’s featured on a t-shirt from her tour merchandise, which is called “Buck Teeth Tee.”

Billy Bob products state on their website.

“We’ve partnered with Miley Cyrus to bring you some of her favorite styles of redneck Billy-Bob Teeth! Each set of officially licensed Miley-Bob Teeth is pulled from an assortment of Miley’s favorite designs and come with a special Miley-Bob insert card. Order a pair today to see what style you get! This assortment of funny teeth will put a crooked smile on anyone’s face.”

Here’s a few responses to Miley’s teeth.

I’m really concerned as to why Miley Cyrus is selling “Miley-Bob Teef”?

— Taylor Leslie (@tater_leslie) November 5, 2014

What do you think? Has Miley finally gone too far? Are you offended by the teeth? And lastly, why are these things selling like hotcakes? Tell us what you think!

[Image via Instagram]