The Duggar Family Has Released A Music Video And It’s ‘Pretty Good’

Just when you thought the Duggars have tested the limits of wowing fans, the 19 Kids and Counting reality TV stars pulled a rabbit out of their hats. Several of the Duggar family boys teamed up with their pals, The Bates, and released a video — sort of. The “boy band” lip-synced, but left no doubt that the family’s creativity is far from dead.

The Duggars music video begins with Lawson Bates playing a ukelele and singing the song, “Happiness.” He is backed up by four other Duggar and Bates brothers who rock out in the background.

19 Kids and Ccounting
Duggar Family photo via Tumblr.

The country crooners didn’t go glam on the music set, and there are no pyrotechnics and aerial artists swinging from ropes. Instead, the backdrop of the music video appears to be on farmland down a country road, citing a report from Us Magazine.

With all the attention given to their sisters’ weddings as of late, the boys probably hatched the idea of getting a little attention of their own. And it seems one of the biggest fans of the Duggars’ music video is their sister, Jill Duggar, who shared the recording on her Instagram account. Got to keep it in the family, right?

Check out the Duggar music video above and share your thoughts below. Should the New Kids on the Block be afraid?

Everyone has to check out my brother’s YouTube channel “Duggar Studios” to see their latest music video “Happiness” #duggarguys #batesguys #lawbates #happiness #jillmdillard

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