'Transformers 5' Release Date, New Robots Revealed?

David Cornell

The Transformers 5 release date may have been revealed alongside a cast of new characters. It appears that, much like the classic toy lineup, things have been shaken up since Optimus Prime's new-found determination to defend Earth. There may be spoilers, so if you haven't seen Age of Extinction, go watch it and come back.

Fans of the classic (or G1) cartoon series will remember the original movie spawned from the franchise. In that animated feature film, Optimus Prime passed on the Matrix of Leadership to what he thought was his successor, as the Decepticons were defeated and set adrift through space. This causes them to meet the franchise's ultimate evil known as Unicron and be reborn with new bodies.

There are some similarities between that film and the upcoming live-action sequel, though this time it probably won't be helmed by Michael Bay. After realizing through the bounty hunter Lockdown that his kind were created to serve a purpose, and that purpose defied everything he was fighting for, Optimus Prime took to space to confront them.

While it's been rumored that the Quintessons are the creators in question, when the Transformers 5 release date allegedly hits in 2016 it won't be set in space. That and a possible confrontation with Unicron could still happen when the series finale hits. For now, according to producer Lorenzo de Bonaventura, it appears Earth is still the main stomping ground for a wave of newcomers which could spark excitement all by themselves.

Rumored among the cast of robots for the next film in the series are Ultra Magnus, Blitzwing, Scourge, Cyclonus, Override, and Red Alert.

Fans of the classic animated Transformers film will remember Ultra Magnus as the one Optimus Prime put in charge right before he died. This could be reflected in the story when the Transformers 5 release date arrives, with Optimus Prime off to confront the creators while Ultra Magnus takes command on Earth. The appearance of Cyclonus and Scourge could indicate that some new Decepticons may have been sent by Unicron, recycled from the dead and part of a plot to prepare Earth for his consumption.

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Blitzwing was among the original cast, another one of the classic fighter jets alongside Starscream, and Red Alert was the security officer for the Autobots. Override was known for his fast and reckless entry into battle, and a sense of vanity. This new combination of robots could bring the battle to another level if the rumors are true.

Other rumors being given light as the Transformers 5 release date looms on the horizon include the possibility of a Beast Wars spinoff, which may have been hinted at when the Dinobots made their entrance in Age of Extinction.

What do you think will happen in the next film in the series? Will the possible absence of Michael Bay bring new promise to the franchise?

[Image via IB Times / Paramount Pictures]