Adrian Peterson: ‘The Lord Has Blessed Me With Peace’

Adrian Peterson says the Lord has given him joy.

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson isn’t returning to the playing field right away, but he isn’t taking it too hard, either. Peterson, who has been notorious for his social media postings throughout his investigation on child abuse charges, returned to the internet Thursday night to let the world know that, whatever happens, he is at peace.

Peterson agreed to a plea deal on child abuse charges Tuesday, according to NFL. Though accused of striking his small child several times severely enough to leave marks, Peterson’s deal will allow him to avoid jail time.

That won’t send him back to the locker rooms quite yet, though; the NFL is asking Adrian Peterson to submit further information and evidence, and as of Thursday, was not ready to reinstate him.

What’s more, according to the Washington Post, Nike is reported to have permanently severed all ties with Peterson, regardless of where the investigation goes from here.

Still, Peterson says he’s at peace. He popped on Twitter Thursday night to share Biblical inspiration, and declare his joy and trust in God.

Peterson has previously posted controversial tweets during this investigation and trial, such as one that appeared to tell the fan base not to judge — presumably, not to judge Adrian Peterson.

To that tweet, back in September, Peterson quickly received many angry responses, accusing him of using the Bible to support child abuse and assuring Peterson that welts on a child are sufficient reason to judge.

Responses to this latest tweet were similar, with little support for Peterson.

Other tweets can’t be reproduced here, due to strong language, some racial epithets, and abusive language. Though not all responses were angry or negative, it’s clear that much of the fan base is still not happy with Peterson. Still, some are on Peterson’s side, saying he’s a good father and a great player.

The NFL’s handling of violent behavior and allegations has been very much on trial in recent months, in light of Peterson’s and a few other cases. This very well may influence how they handle Adrian Peterson’s reinstatement, with consideration for the public response.

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