‘The Hateful Eight’ — Official Cast List Includes ‘Magic Mike’ Star?

Channing Tatum

It seems like The Hateful Eight has been in the news more than any other Quentin Tarantino film over the past year, and it hasn’t even gone into production yet. If you haven’t heard about the Pulp Fiction director’s latest film, The Hateful Eight suffered a “leak” of its first draft, according to Screen Rant. Tarantino was so enraged over the leak of The Hateful Eight’s script that he vowed that the film would never, ever get made.

While everyone was still reacting to that bit of news, Quentin surprised everyone by staging a live reading of The Hateful Eight’s script featuring many high-profile actors. However, he still didn’t say anything about The Hateful Eight actually getting made.

That all changed last summer at the San Diego Comic-Con, when a fan asked Tarantino point-blank whether or not he was going to make The Hateful Eight.

“Yeah, we’re going to be doing ‘The Hateful Eight.'”

Out of nowhere, Tarantino shocked the film world by reversing his initial decision and moving forward with the film.

Production is set to start in early 2015, but now an official cast list has been announced, according to The Verge, and some choices might surprise you.

Sam Jackson will return to work with the director that shot him into superstardom. Jackson will reportedly play a bounty hunter and a former soldier for the Union Army.

Kurt Russell is back in Tarantino’s fold, having worked with the director in Death Proof.

Someone who has never worked with Quentin before is Jennifer Jason Leigh, but she’s been cast in The Hateful Eight. Leigh will play a fugitive.

Walton Goggins had a small part in Django Unchained, but he’s probably best known for his work on the TV shows Justified and Sons of Anarchy. In The Hateful Eight, he plays a “southern renegade” who claims to be a sheriff.

Demian Bechir showed up on FX’s The Bridge as a Mexican homicide detective. Working on The Hateful Eight will be the first time the actor has teamed up with Tarantino. He will play a clothing store owner.

Tim Roth and Michael Madsen have been staples of Tarantino’s acting circle since Reservoir Dogs. They are both returning to the fold in The Hateful Eight. Roth will play a hangman and Madsen will play the part of a “cowpuncher.”

Acting legend Bruce Dern will play the part of Confederate General in The Hateful Eight.

And that brings us to the final part, the one that has everyone a bit surprised. Magic Mike lead Channing Tatum has been cast in The Hateful Eight. He’s the only one who isn’t part of the original “Eight.” There’s been no word on what his part entails.

Tatum, Channing

Channing Tatum in a Quentin Tarantino film? Does the thought of that make your blood boil, or do you think it’s a fantastic choice? Sound off in the comments below!

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