Kate Middleton Reportedly Upset At Sister Pippa For Trying To Land ‘Today’ Show Gig

Kate Middleton is reportedly miffed that her sister, Pippa, is angling for a gig on NBC’s Today show, fearful at the kind of attention the television spot could bring to the royal family.

Recent reports have indicated that Pippa Middleton is in talks with NBC about becoming a correspondent on the Today show. Duchess Kate’s little sister was seen in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, filming an audition, and later touched down in New York for contract talks with the morning show.

This reportedly isn’t going over well with Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth.

Celeb Dirty Laundry explains, “For one thing, Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth have been trying time and time again to get Pippa Middleton to tamp down her famewhoring antics. And you know, the royal family doesn’t necessarily have the best relationship with the press. And now, Pippa Middleton wants to join the other side? There’s a HUGE conflict of interest there, and it’s probably the reason that NBC wants to hire her in the first place.”

It’s not clear how much truth there is to the report, and there is no source named, but it would not be the first time that Pippa’s ambitions have created tension with her sister, Kate.

Last summer, reports emerged that Kate and Prince William asked Pippa to cut back on her public appearances, which the royal couple believed were opening the family up for criticism.


At the time, Pippa had just appeared at Sir David Frost’s annual summer party, where she joined guests like Stephen Fry and Sir Elton John. Pippa was also a writer for The Spectator, a contributing editor at Vanity Fair, and wrote a monthly column in Waitrose Food Illustrated.

Sources said Kate Middleton was uneasy at all the attention her sister was bringing the family.

“Kate and William didn’t want her to write her party planning book ‘Celebrate,’ let alone a regular column in various magazines,” a source told the Daily Mail. “They have spoken to her about this.”

The latest report of tension with Pippa seems to have a bit in common with last summer’s report. Kate Middleton was pregnant with Prince George when she and Prince William reportedly asked Pippa to back off, and Kate is once again pregnant amid the newest report of tension with her sister.