SNL Spoofs Penn State Sex Scandal, Even The Devil’s Afraid

Now that Jerry Sandusky has completely turned Penn State on it’s head it was only a matter of time before the folks at Saturday Night Live spoofed the situation and they did so with a scared devil.

When told by Seth Meyers that it wasn’t just a recruiting scandal the devil sighs “I just assumed” and when told about what happened he responds:

“Shut up! No! … Well, yeah, of course I’m upset. I’m the Prince of Darkness, but I’m not a monster.”

The devil then continued:

“Joe Pa, a cover up? … This is college football, not the Catholic Church!”

“Are you kidding me? What in my hometown are you talking about?! … I’m out, I quit. Evil isn’t what it used to be.”

You can check out the full SNL skit here:

What did you think about Saturday Night Live’s mocking of the entire Penn State sex scandal? Too soon or just plain funny?