November 6, 2014
Miley Cyrus, Patrick Schwarzenegger Have Been Dating For 'Several Months'

Miley Cyrus may have found herself a new leading man, according to recent reports, which state that the "Wrecking Ball" singer is dating Patrick Schwarzenegger.

While it may be just another Hollywood hookup rumor, sources close to the twosome are claiming that Miley and Patrick are seeing each other. According to E! News, while the two aren't an "official" couple, sources claim that the two have been seeing one another.

"They don't have a title. They are having so much fun together that friends don't know at certain times if they are a couple or best friends."
E! News went on to say that while the two have very busy schedules, they are doing whatever they can in order to see each other whenever possible.
"They can go for a length of time without seeing each other, and then they are spending every waking moment together."
Multiple sources for US Weekly are saying the same things. One source told the magazine that Miley thinks Patrick is "hot" and "cool" and because they both grew up in Hollywood, "it was only a matter of time before they hooked up."

"They have been friends for a long time," a said a second source to US Weekly. "They have a ton of common friends so they have run in the same circles for years."

According to a previous report by the Inquisitr, while rumors of Miley dating Patrick may be true, that doesn't mean that everyone is happy about the news. It seems that Patrick's mother, Maria Shriver, isn't too happy about the budding romance. A source for Hollywood Life is backing up claims that Maria Shriver disapproves of her son's relationship with Miley Cyrus and by the looks of it, it's more than Patrick's mother who disapproves.

"It is beyond true that Maria Shriver disapproves of the relationship that Patrick is starting with Miley. She is so controlling when it comes to the image of the family and this is eating her up inside. She is getting some support from other family members as well, but she isn't getting the same support from Arnold because Arnold is happy with whatever Patrick gets himself into in the girls department."
So are Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger officially a thing? By the sounds of it, no, but that doesn't mean the two aren't spending some quality time together. Only time will tell!

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