Breaking: ‘Toy Story 4’ Is Happening!

Toy Story 4

It’s official – Toy Story 4 is happening! After waiting years for Toy Story 3, it look like fans of the Pixar franchise won’t have to wait half as long for the next addition to the series.

According to Variety, the Toy Story saga won’t end with Andy’s best buddies saying goodbye, but instead will live again in a fourth installment. According to Variety’s report, the film is looking at a June 2017 release.

It’s really unexpected seeing how everything was wrapped up with Buzz, Woody, and friends, but we can’t really complain about another installment since the third was fantastic.

If you think a fourth installment just undoes the neatly wrapped trilogy, which ended on a heartwarming note, rest easy that director John Lasseter will return, so the tone of the film is unlikely to change.

That said, this doesn’t really help Pixar’s case against critics. Over the past few years Pixar has been criticized for only being concerned with making money off of their well-established franchises instead of using their innovative spirit they had in the first ten years of production to imagine different films with new worlds to explore. Instead, they have decided to focus on their franchises Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., and of course Toy Story.

Despite all of that, it seems like the fans are at least excited about a Toy Story 4, or at least are interested by the idea.

Here’s the best synopsis we’ve seen so far, and it’s from Slate’s Dana Stevens.

What are your thoughts on Toy Story 4?