‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Spoilers: Season 7, Episode 10 Show Brings Back Venus, Winsome

Sons of Anarchy viewers are still stunned by the last episode, where August Marks killed Bobby Munson just as it seemed that Jax and the club would be able to save him. Where do things go from there? Only a few episodes remain before the series finale and there’s still a lot that needs to play out. What Sons of Anarchy spoilers are available for the Season 7, Episode 10 show titled “Faith and Despondency”?

The synopsis of this episode is intriguing yet simple. It seems that romance may be blossoming for some, an unusual occurrence these days on SOA, yet the club will be battling heartbreak and despair as they mourn the death of Bobby and face the battles still brewing with Marks’ crew.

Rat told Brooke he loves her and, as fans saw, things are cranking up a notch between Chibs and Jarry, but what does the talk about new love and romance reference? While the romance tease may well tie in to Rat and Brooke, and there are signs that they may be facing trouble.

The Sons of Anarchy spoiler preview for “Faith and Despondency” shows that Moses Cartwright is going to be out for blood now that SAMCRO managed to get Marks behind bars. It appears that both Rat and T.O. Cross from the Grim Bastards get taken by Cartwright’s crew and things are going to get violent. Seeing as how Rat seems to be missing from some photos uncovered for later SOA episodes, fans may have reason to worry a bit about his fate.

There will be a lot of people in the mix of this Season 7, Episode 10 show. Leland Gruen and Ron Tully pop up as Jax and Tully are still coordinating to try to make sure Juice can get to Lin to kill him. As fans saw in the last episode of SOA, Jarry and Unser now know that Juice and Gemma lied about Dun being at the house when Tara died and Juice may not be able to get to Lin and save his own skin. This episode will surely move things along in the sense that Jarry and Unser will be digging deep to figure out what the truth is about Tara’s murder — but they may not learn much quite yet.

Also appearing in Tuesday’s episode, as Sons of Anarchy spoilers from TVLine noted, is Thor star Luke Massy as a character named Otis, another Aryan Brotherhood player. It seems that he is aiming to be put in charge, but he’s got some obstacles standing in his way. Inbar Lavi is said to be back as Winsome, per IMDb, and it seems that there will be more scenes of Winsome and Jax together. Where is this combination headed? Nobody is quite sure.

Venus Van Dam is back in “Faith and Despondency” as well, so some might speculate that the odd yet endearing relationship between Tig and Venus is what is referenced in the synopsis teasing romance. It appears that SOA viewers will also see Alicia Coppola, previously of Jericho, in this episode. TVLine shares the Sons of Anarchy spoilers that she will play Mildred Treal, the principal at Abel’s preschool.

When will Abel finally boil over and reveal what he’s been overhearing from Grandma Gemma? It would appear that there may be some movement on this front in the November 11 episode, but don’t expect a full resolution yet. What will Abel say and who will he say it to when this finally plays out? Nobody knows yet, but there are plenty of theories floating around.

Many SOA viewers had been anxiously waiting for Episode 9 to air, as Kurt Sutter had revealed that there would be a key death taking place. Now that Bobby is dead, where does the show go from here? Fans are anxious to see Gemma’s secrets revealed, but it’s seemingly not going to happen quite yet. In fact, Sutter has previously said that while Jax will learn some details about what happened to Tara, he may never learn the full truth.

How does it all end? Fans have plenty of theories, but nobody knows for certain yet. The Season 7, Episode 10 show of Sons of Anarchy titled “Faith and Despondency” airs on FX on Tuesday, November 11.

[Image via Prashant Gupta/FX]