News Anchor Dan Thorn Talks About ‘Painfully Caucasian’ Dance Video

Dan Thorn

Dan Thorn, a news anchor for WVNS 59 in West Virginia, has recently become a viral video star with his hilarious dancing to the popular song by rapper T.I. called “Where They At Doe?”

The video was posted on Dan Thorn’s official YouTube channel and (as of right now) has been viewed over 1.6 million times.

In the video, Dan Thorn is taking full advantage of a brief commercial break by playing and dancing to the popular T.I song while the cameras were still rolling.

With a little help from the camera crew, Thorn was able to create a hilarious music video that has been shared, tweeted and retweeted tens of thousands of times since it was originally posted last month.

T.I. himself even posted a link to the hilarious Dan Thorn video on his official Twitter page Thursday.

In a recent interview with Fox 32 News in Chicago, Dan Thorn was able to open up about his dance moves and the story behind the now-viral video.

“I really don’t know [how this happened.] It was just us having a good time at the studio. I was trying to connect with my viewers on social media… It got a good response. I put it on YouTube and then, before you know it, it just takes off.”

The evening anchor explained that he has to do four shows throughout his shift and tries to find creative ways to stay loose while he is sitting at his desk for hours at a time. Dan Thorn also stated that none of the footage from the viral dance video actually made it on the air thanks to one of the directors and the camera crew that were moderating the entire video from start to finish.

Many people have posted messages about this video on Twitter, applauding Dan Thorn for his boldness and hysterical dancing.

There have been quite a few people responding negatively about Dan Thorn’s co-anchor in the video, especially since she refused to dance on camera even after Dan tried to encourage her to do so.

Dan Thorn addressed those negative comments on his Facebook page Tuesday with an official statement.

“What I do not appreciate nor condone is negative comments made towards Sarah. I wanted to invite our viewers into my life as a professional. WE wanted to show that we have fun! And we do! Sarah and I have been able to accomplish some great things together… So please, refrain from posting negative comments about my co anchor.”

When asked about what he is going to do next in order to build on his viral stardom, Dan Thorn commented that he is just not sure.

“There’s a lot of pressure on me to come out with another one. There are people that are like, ‘Are you taking requests?’… People were like you have to have ‘Dancing with Myself’ or something like that.”

Before the interview ended, Dan Thorn honored the request of the Fox news anchors to show off a few of the dance moves which he said were jokingly being called “painfully Caucasian.”

What do you think about Dan Thorn’s viral dance video?

[Image Credit: World Now]