Kate and Pippa Middleton Dolls Go On Sale

There’s no question that Kate and Pippa Middleton are very beautiful. There dolls, however, don’t exactly share the same attributes.

Herobuilders, a toy company in Connecticut, has released several celebrity action figures in the past. From President Obama to “The Rent is Too Damn High,” guy, Herobuilders is in the business of providing pop culture toys. After all the hype around the royal wedding, it was only a matter of time until Kate and Pippa Middleton joined the lineup.

kate middleton doll

HeroBuilders writes:

“Why we love the British, they have a Queen they gave us the Beatles and now its all KATE AND PIPPA.”


The Kate and Pippa Middleton dolls are selling for $50 each. A Kate Middleton doll, complete with her a replica royal wedding dress, sells for $189.

Here’s a photo of Pippa Middleton from the wedding. Can you spot the resemblance?

pippa middleton

According to the Daily Mail, Hero Builders claims that the Middleton dolls are in high demand and will likely sell out before Christmas. Are you rushing out to buy one of the Middleton dolls?

Kate and Pippa haven’t commented on their miniature replicas, but they probably aren’t flattered. In June, another Kate Middleton figurine hit the market from Compton and Woodhouse. The Queen’s former aide, Dickie Arbiter, said:

“It is horrible. Absolutely dreadful. Anybody who spends that kind of money on it needs their head examined. It is cashing in without any taste. It is just tacky.”

What do you think of the Kate and Pippa Middleton dolls?