Britney Spears Has A New Boyfriend — Here’s What You Need To Know!

Looks like Britney Spears has a new boyfriend! According to E! Online writer and producer Charlie Ebersol is Britney’s new beau. We didn’t think it would take long for Spears to find someone to love, and it looks like we weren’t wrong about that one.

Britney suffered a pretty big blow two months ago when her former boyfriend David Lucado was caught cheating on the star. The singer publicly opened up in a series of tweets and Instagram videos.

She was also overheard telling concert goers in Vegas, “I know you know my boyfriend cheated on me, but the best thing about being cheated on is I get to go on more first dates. I need a hot guy! Where are the hot guys here tonight?”

Charlie Ebersol is definitely a hot guy, and not just because of his looks. Ebersol, who was previously linked to actress Sophia Bush, was a part of a TV series called The Moment, which helped men and women get a second shot at their dream careers. This project hit home for Ebersol after he suffered injuries in a horrific plane crash that claimed the life of his younger brother back in 2004.

As for his relationship with Spears, sources tell E! Online that it’s pretty new, but it looks like it could last. We rarely see Britney pick up a new guy without giving it a fair shake for a few months. At least, not since she gave birth to Sean and Jayden.

Sources say of the new relationship, “They met through friends. He is the sweetest guy ever and they are very much enjoying getting to know one another. They are both very happy and having fun. It’s just the beginning so no idea if it will become serious but right now they are having a lot of fun together.”

So far, Britney hasn’t tweeted about her new boyfriend, but she seems to be in high spirits, and shared as much on Twitter.

Just recently, Britney opened up just a bit, and told Extra “it’s very new” when asked about her new relationship.

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