‘Star Wars Episode VII’ Title Revealed, Twitter Reacts, What Do You Think?

The much awaited title for Star Wars Episode VII has finally been revealed by Disney, and there were plenty of reactions on social media. The announcement came via the studio’s Twitter page late Thursday morning, just days after the production wrapped up in England.

And here you have it.

So what do people think of the new Star Wars Episode VII title, which, by the way, will drop the Episode part from now on (that’s going to be weird)? Here is a sample of what fans are saying on Twitter.

Now that I think about it Star Wars: The Force would be a great police procedural.

— Tur-Lime-Kin (@LimeadeYouth) November 6, 2014

As with anything that has to do with Star Wars, Episode VII fans have been speculating as to what the title for the newest installment in the series could be. As is expected, some love it, while others hate it, with a few that are okay with it.

There is no question that Disney has a very hard time keeping Star Wars fans happy. This particular segment of the nerd population is notoriously difficult and hard to please (no offense to any readers).

As to the meaning behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens there are countless theories. One of the most notable ones is that Luke Skywalker has been in hiding for the past 30 years and new events force him to come out of his cave, so to speak.

Star Wars Episode VII director J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy recognize the importance of keeping the fandom happy, as expressed in a thank you note the director sent to cast and crew members following the end of the production.

How do you feel about the Star Wars Episode VII title? What do you think it means?

[Image via Internerdz]