‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Kim Matula Quits Show, What Will Happen With Hope?

Kim Matula quits role of Hope on 'The Bold and the Beautiful'

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful will be a bit stunned to learn that Kim Matula, who plays Hope Logan, is leaving the show. Though the character is in the middle of a hot storyline, it seems that Matula has decided it is time to move on and try other things. The departure is a bit stunning for fans, as is the way the news was revealed.

Many viewers are feeling a bit blindsided by the news.

The show’s Twitter page @BoldInsider tweeted, “We wish #KimMatula the best as she moves on to other opportunities. We love Kim & she will always be a part of the #BoldandBeautiful family.”

Later in the day, Matula confirmed the news via her Facebook page.

Kim Matula wrote the following.

“What can I say about today? I can officially confirm that I filmed my last scenes at The Bold and The Beautiful. For now.. It was a day full of love and laughter and reminiscing about the past 5 years. I made the incredibly difficult decision not to resign my contract so that I could spread my wings as an actor and see what this big beautiful world has to offer. But I can never put into words just how amazing and inspiring this show has been. What a huge part of my life. I do not see this as a “goodbye” but more of a “see you later.” Thank you for giving me an unforgettable 5 years as Hope Logan and thank you to every single viewer who sat side by side with me on this journey. Cheers to the next adventure!!”

Given the current storyline, fans are left wondering just how the character of Hope will depart the canvas, especially considering the news that she’s done filming scenes already. According to Michael Fairman Soaps, the show does not plan to recast the role of Hope Logan with a new actress. A final air date for Matula is not yet known, so fans will have to stay tuned for The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers on that front.

Hope is central to the show right now, with her pregnancy and baby daddy drama, along with Quinn’s determination to wiggle back into her son’s and grandchild’s life. Many wonder if Quinn will somehow force Hope to lose the baby, leading Hope to leave for parts unknown. Others wonder if Hope will get killed off, but at this point it’s not known how her exit will be handled.

What does this mean going forward for Liam, Wyatt, and Quinn? The Bold and the Beautiful fans will have to tune in to find out. The characters of Hope, Wyatt, Liam, and Ivy are headed to Amsterdam and those big episodes begin on Friday, November 7. The show and actors have been touting the adventure, and now fans will be watching especially closely to see if there are hints regarding how the character of Hope Logan will be leaving the show.

Where will Kim Matula pop up next? Will fans like how The Bold and the Beautiful handles the departure of the character of Hope? Everybody will be curious to see what happens as the big change falls into place.

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