Wedding Rings, Favors, And Dresses: How To Save Money And Get Them Cheap

Despite recent news about there being more single people than ever, marriage is still quite a popular topic, as witnessed by the amount of wedding-related terms that flow into Google on a daily basis. According to Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner, terms like “wedding rings” get 201,000 monthly searches, while “engagement rings” garners a whopping 673,000 searches from users per month. As expected, information about bridesmaid dresses and wedding invitations also bring in a good half-a-million queries monthly, too, but searches for wedding favors are no slouch either.

With nearly 50,000 people searching for wedding favors online each month, one can presume that they are of great importance to the brides and wedding planners seeking the items. Wedding favors don’t have to represent a huge expense, however, seeing as though the purchase of the wedding rings have probably already accounted for a big part of the budget.

That’s where readers can turn to a website like My Bride Fairy, run by married couple Paul and Meg, who turned their wedding expertise into a way to help other couples get unique and personalized wedding favors that won’t cost an arm and a leg. So if you’re looking for pretty, practical and useful wedding favors, start there.

Surprisingly, lots of people may not realize that Amazon has a large selection of wedding rings and engagement rings that range from the cheapest cubic zirconia to the priciest fare, so if you sort the wedding and engagement rings from low to high price, you can scroll through the listings to literally uncover those gems that are a steal. The best part is that you’ll have the customer reviews beneath the products and the quick 5-star ratings to glance over, which should help discern those wedding rings that are worth their salt and those that aren’t.

Besides wedding rings being such a highly sought term on Google, searches for “cheap wedding dresses” also have a healthy amount of queries. As such, places like David’s Bridal rule the roost, because they offer special sales that feature wedding gowns priced as low as $99 that almost make you want to get married all over again they’re so cute.

So there you go: Three great places to find your wedding needs online – and after purchasing your wedding rings, make sure you don’t lose them like some folks have done by accidentally dropping your wedding jewelry into a bag of Halloween candy, reports the Inquisitr.