WWE News: Alberto Del Rio Accuses Top WWE Executive Of Racism

Ripping down the Russian flag and apologizing for it is just kayfabe. The WWE doesn't worry about things like that because there is really nothing to worry about. Any accusation that would lead to stereotyping and judgment is always told in one simple sentence, "We're in the entertainment business." That statement is 100 percent accurate, yet again people don't understand the logic behind the WWE.

The movie The Wrestler put the professional wrestling industry in perspective. Drugs, alcohol, and other horrific things took place in the industry. Comparing today to the 1980s, there is no comparison. The steroids are gone, and most of the alcohol and drugs are gone. Painkillers aren't a substitute for happiness in the 21st century. WWE defined the business by proper etiquette and promising actions. However, with all the good the WWE does, there are bad instances to this day.

Alberto Del Rio was released from his WWE contract after a dispute with a social media worker. Apparently, he said a racist comment towards Del Rio, which then enraged the former WWE champion, causing him to take out his anger physically on the man. Sescoops is now reporting that Del Rio claims a top WWE executive made racial jokes toward Del Rio on a normal basis.

During an interview published last week in Fighting Spirit Magazinediscussing the circumstances surrounding his departure from WWE, Alberto Del Rio claimed that it was not uncommon for people in positions of power in the Stamford, Connecticut-based organization to openly say racial remarks around employees under the guise of jokes

"The guy who made the call was Levesque," Meltzer stated on the F4WOnline.com message board in response to a question asking which WWE executive made the phone call to Del Rio.

Days after his release from WWE, Del Rio said in this interview on a morning talk show in Mexicothat it was Triple H who personally informed of his departure.

The article goes on to talk about how racism was usually directed towards African Americans and Hispanics. This isn't the first time Triple H is surrounded by racism because former WWE employee Ricardo Rodriguez accused HHH of the same exact thing.

Del Rio goes on to say, "The person calling me was one of the most important people in the company, and I said, 'We always hear these racist jokes from you, and because you're one of the most important people in the company in this company, your other employees hear you making these stupid comments, and they think they can do it.'"

Thinking that everything is okay due to a settlement that was reached between the two companies is asinine. Del Rio should and may not ever go back to the WWE. Why should he? His heritage was insulted and so was he. Del Rio owes them nothing, except the right to display the truth about WWE and their ways. We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops, but it could get ugly and a statement from Triple H could arrive sooner rather than later.

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