NowPublic Acquires Truemors

Duncan Riley

There is truth to this truemor–participatory news network NowPublic has acquired Truemors, a website dedicated to news rumor mill. Truemors founder Guy Kawasaki will join NowPublic as Chair of the Advisory Board.

"Truemors is exciting in that it puts trust in those on-the-ground and in-the-know—the perfect complement to NowPublic," Leonard Brody, CEO of NowPublic, said. "With the acquisition of Truemors, NowPublic's news reporting capabilities continue to expand. Our ever-growing eco-system of reporters is changing the way news is produced and distributed."

Truemors was created to spread accurate information, enabling users to read, write, discuss and rate rumors posted by others. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed though it must be higher than $12,107 that Kawasaki spent to set up Truemors.