June 29, 2017
Thumbs Down Mitch McConnell Photobomb Man Tells Surreal Tale Questions Senator [Exclusive]

You may be wondering about who the man is behind the voting Mitch McConnell photobomb. Most articles about McConnell are talking about how he is a senator set on destroying Obamacare in the state of Kentucky -- an act that has many people, like the McConnell photobomber, furious.

Talking exclusively with the Inquisitr, this local Louisville, Kentucky man has decided to open up about his experiences as the Mitch McConnell photobomb participant.

The Mitch McConnell photobomber with his band, Ut Gret.
The Mitch McConnell photobomber with his band, Ut Gret.

His name is not "The Mitch McConnell Photobomber" but is instead known as Joee Conroy. Unfortunately, he says, he lives in the same neighborhood as Mitch McConnell. Conroy is from the Highlands neighborhood and the photobombing took place at the voting booths stationed at Bellarmine University.

When interviewed about being the viral McConnell photobomb man, sporting a thumbs down on the evening of November 4, he offered an explanation.

"To set the scenario, I go to vote, and I'm there for 10 minutes in my voting booth because there are 35 judges in Jefferson County to choose from and the list is insanely long. It's hard to remember all of the judges and I'm fumbling through the list. Suddenly, there's a huge commotion and I have about 150 cameras snapping at me. And then I realize that there was Mitch McConnell in front of me and the whole thing is breaking my concentration about my voting."

Of course, when I recognized him, I gave him the thumbs down because I cannot stand the guy. He was there for 2 seconds and left. I was really surprised because I was there for 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after he left. But it only took him 2 seconds! So was he not voting for the judges? Or maybe I am being harsh and he's already voted, but is just there for photo op?"

What was also weird is that there were, like, 35 teen kids from Team Mitch right around the corner from Bellarmine University from where I voted when I drove in, and they were holding signs. I gave them the thumbs down as I drove in and they booed me. As soon as I left, the Team Mitch teens were gone."

"The whole day before I knew the photo was all over the internet was surreal. Not long after I voted and went home, we have a bassoon player, and she called asking if I voted at the same time as Mitch. I said yes, and she said, 'Dude, you are blowing up on social media!' Since then, I have just been laughing about the whole thing."

However, there is much more to Joee Conroy than his thumbs down viral photo photobombing of Mitch McConnell on Election Day. Conroy is a well-known string instruments player with the progressive rock/experimental music band Ut Gret.


On Friday, November 7, they will do a live performance at the University of Louisville to recreate the soundtrack for the first full-length animation movie ever created, called "The Adventures of Prince Achmed." Find out more about the concert at this link.

To get a better idea of the music that this famous photobomber makes, listen to them on BandCamp, read this interview at PsychedelicBaby or check in on Ut Gret's Facebook page.