Hugh Jackman Returns To Broadway In “Hugh Jackman Back On Broadway”

After appearing on the Broadway stage in a rather boring cop drama alongside Daniel Craig actor Hugh Jackman has returned with a new act titled “Hugh Jackman Back on Broadway.”

Currently playing at the Broadhurst Theater the X-Men star sings various tunes including “Between the Moon and New York City” and I Go to Rio” which Bloomberg says left audience members in a state of between ecstasy and delirium

The show also includes half-a-dozen back-up singers and is backed up by movie clips along with photos of Hugh as a little boy.

In it’s most basic of terms the show is a Las Vegas revue taking place in New York City with an 18-piece orchestra. As Bloomberg points out it teeters between “On Broadway” to “Lullabye of Broadway” to “Over the Rainbow.”

The play features Jackman banter which crowds seem to love along with personal tales and various musicians from Hugh Jackman’s homeland of Australia.

The show is two hours and if you’re a Hugh Jackman fan all signs point to “buy a ticket” for this review while it’s still playing.

I have a feeling this show will follow the typical Broadway crowd of women and gay men. Are you willing to pay for a review show hosted by Jackman?

[Image via Christopher Halloran /]