Mama June Losing Custody Of Honey Boo Boo? Uncle Poodle Is Ready To Fight

Mama June could be losing custody of her daughter, Honey Boo Boo. According to TMZ, Uncle Poodle is willing to fight for custody of Alana Thompson if things with her mom, June Shannon, don’t improve. As most everyone knows by now, June has been dating Mark McDaniel, a convicted sex offender. Making matters even worse, the child that was sexually abused by McDaniel is one of June’s own children (her oldest daughter, Anna). Evidently June sees nothing wrong with dating the guy that molested her kid, and that’s where Uncle Poodle and his partner Alan draw the line.

“Poodle and Alan are ready to file for temporary custody if June does not completely sever her relationship with Mark McDaniel. They will not ask for permanent custody because they’d like to see Sugar Bear eventually care for Honey Boo Boo… when he gets back on his feet financially,” reports TMZ.

Mama June doesn’t seem to be in any kind of rush to kick McDaniel to the curb. In fact, she is still with him despite TLC canceling her family’s reality show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. According to Mail Online, June has denied being in a relationship with McDaniel despite photographic evidence that shows that the two have some kind of relationship and that McDaniel has been around June’s kids… at least 9-year-old Alana. As the site points out, Alana’s sister was just 8-years-old when McDaniel sexually abused her. Many feel that having him around Alana is just bad news all around.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Alana’s father Sugar Bear recently collapsed, some saying that the stress of the situation is really getting to him.

“[He] is a diabetic and has had a number of health issues over the past year. Sandra Hale, Mama June Shannon’s mother, says that Sugar Bear has had trouble keeping his numbers in check. He experienced some fainting spells last year, as well.”

Mama June ended her relationship with Sugar Bear in September and moved on to McDaniel within weeks. Many are concerned for the well being of June’s children, including those in her family. If Uncle Poodle and Alan decide to seek custody of Alana, chances are a judge would side with them, since Mama June is bringing a child molester around her kids.

June’s other daughter, Pumpkin, 14, likely wouldn’t want to live with Uncle Poodle and Alan as they don’t get along. However, she may be in danger living with Mama June as well.

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