Blac Chyna Admits To Being A ‘Gold Digger’ And ‘Cheater’ — Or DOES She?

At first glance, you might assume that Blac Chyna was having “a moment” on Twitter.

The 26-year-old seemingly tweeted out a confession about herself and her relationship with 24-year-old rapper Tyga.

“I’m a gold digger and a cheater. I never really loved Tyga. It was always about the money.”

Wow, what a thing to say!

Except that apparently, it wasn’t Blac Chyna saying ANY of it!

Chyna deleted the problematic tweet a short while later and said that she “got her twitter back.” This would imply that someone else was responsible for what was said.

Though Blac Chyna doesn’t expressly blame anyone, she does make the statement that she “would never say things like that”. She also said that she’d been “ignoring the elephant in the room for months.

As for who or what is the “elephant,” gossip site Hollywood Life claims that Blac Chyna is likely referring to her ex Tyga. The gossip magazine also claims that it was Tyga himself that hacked Chyna’s account.

The reason for his behavior is allegedly a petty jealousy over Blac Chyna and rival rapper Drake.

Apparently Chyna tagged Drake in an Instagram photo (which as since been deleted).

It is believed that Tyga is angry at Blac Chyna for seemingly taking Drake’s side in an ongoing feud.

Tyga had hit out at Drake in new single “Make It Work,” referring to his rival as “corny” and saying that they were never friends.

Drake then apparently began to like Blac Chyna’s images at an alarming rate, possibly to get under the skin of Tyga.

If Tyga was indeed responsible for hacking Chyna’s Twitter account, this certainly suggests that Drake was successful at stirring up the rap artist.

Of course, it’s not certain whether or not Drake will take it a step further and respond lyrically to the things said about him.

As for Blac Chyna, she said that she wants to co-parent, focus on her business, and “bettering [herself] as a person.”

That seems to be all she’s willing to say about the drama. Though it’s curious that Chyna didn’t state outright that she was hack nor expressly blame anyone for what temporarily showed up on her account.

Did Blac Chyna have a sudden attack of conscience before back-tracking… Or did Tyga reach a serious low and decide to badmouth the mother of his child via her very own Twitter account?

What do YOU think of this drama?

[Image Credit: Karen Civil]