WWE: Triple H In Control, Vince McMahon Isn’t A Real Wrestler, Says TNA Wrestling’s Low Ki

While Vince McMahon is officially in control of the WWE, many a wrestler has come out and claimed recently that Triple H is really the man in charge. As if to add insult to injury, TNA Wrestling’s Low Ki is even claiming McMahon was never a real wrestler.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the WWE Network has been described as a sinking ship lately, and in response, Vince McMahon made the WWE Network free for a limited time. But even with the financial problems, the McMahon family believes Dixie Carter’s TNA wrestling is not even worth mentioning when questioned about the competition.

According to Low Ki, the WWE corporate world pretty much has the same structure but it’s only the person that is in control who has changed.

“It’s still the same management system in place. My issues were not with the wrestlers. My issues were with management. They fired me before Christmas, so that tells you something. It’s still run relatively the same. The only difference is you have a different person with a similar mentality in position, which is Triple H.”

You almost have to wonder if making this claim is a conspiracy from TNA Wrestling stars. When Kurt Angle began negotiating his return to the WWE, he also claimed that Triple H was unofficially in control of the company.

“What I found out is that Triple H is pretty much running the show now,” Angle said.” I didn’t know that, I really believed that Vince would always run the show until the day he died, but now they’re in a position as a publicly traded company where you’re not only answering to Vince and Triple H, you’re also answering to the shareholders.”

Alberto del Rio’s former personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, is a little bitter when it comes to the WWE management, but he also claims Triple H is now the man, not Vince McMahon.

“If you’re not one of his little projects or his little toys… you don’t matter. I saw the transition between Vince’s regime and then Hunter’s regime… If you’re not one of his little toys, you don’t really matter.”

According to the Miami Herald, Low Ki also says that the main difference between Vince McMahon and Triple H is that the latter really knows what it means to be a wrestler.

“With Triple H, in all fairness to WWE, at least he was a wrestler. So his perspective on how to manage the company and arrange things may have a little more intimate detail in mind than what Vince would do because Vince was never a wrestler. At least Triple H has the in-ring experience to see things differently. The reason why I say Vince McMahon has never been a wrestler is because he has never put his body through hell to the degree of what his performers do and then advance into management. At least Triple H has that insight into potentially directing the company into a different position.”

If Triple H really does take over the WWE, do you think that would be a positive or a negative move for the company?

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