‘Let It Go’ Parody — With Five Daughters Already, How Else Was This Nascar Driver To Announce Pregnancy? [Video]

It was to be expected. Nascar driver Eric McClure and his wife Miranda already have five daughters. They probably know every nuance of every single line and song in Disney’s Frozen. So when they found out that they are going to have another baby, they decided to make the big announcement in the form of an adorable video parody of “Let it Go.”

The entire McClure fan gathered together, with five little Elsa’s all dressed in blue. According to FOX Sports, Mabreigh, Maryleigh, Mirabella, Merritt, and Myanna and their parents just couldn’t hold it back anymore. Their newest bundle of joy is anticipated to arrive sometime next May.

It is apparent that McClure and his wife anticipate the negative comments that such an announcement from a large family will bring, and they address it in the song.

“We don’t care what they’re going to say, because it’s too late. The baby’s already on its way!”

The majority of the comments on the YouTube video and the Nascar story are very positive and encouraging. There are congratulations all around, and a number of people from big families have posted their support.

Speculation is divided as to whether the newest McClure is a girl or boy. Some see the fact that all the sisters are dressed in blue as a sign that it will be a boy. Others are determined that the baby will surely be another girl, because the pattern appears to be set in stone. The McClures are happy either way, because they sing, “it’s a gift from God’s own hand.”

There are hundreds of covers of “Let it Go” on YouTube, including one by Auburn University student Caleb Hyles that many say is even better than the original. The Inquisitr reported that his Frozen hit on YouTube has launched him into bigger and better things. Caleb Hyles’ YouTube channel has developed a huge following, and he continues to delight followers with his talent, creativity, and incredible voice.

Creativity in announcing their newest creation with the Frozen parody is a big hit with fans of Eric McClure and his family. It’s time to see what they can do! Congratulations to the family.