Kim Kardashian Wants To Be The New Lady Of Downton Abbey

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian is a fan of Downton Abbey. Now sources say the reality star and her rapper husband Kanye West want to name their new mansion after the castle serves as the exterior of the famed fictional house. Sources close to the couple say that “[Kanye] wants the home to resemble Downton in its grandeur and ‘regalness’ and there will be a sign naming it Highclere Castle[.]”

Fans of Downton Abbey will recognize Highclere Castle as not only the primary filming location of the famed BBC and PBS series but also as the inspiration for many of the stories seen on the show. The castle, which is located in Hampshire, England, also serves as a museum to give tourists and Downton Abbey enthusiasts a peek at life in years gone by.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s house many not have the storied history of Highclere Castle but it can certainly be described as opulent. The $20 million mansion was a new purchase for the couple after sources say Kardashian and West failed to agree on an aesthetic style for the mansion they were redecorating in Bel Air.

According to Radar Online, the Bel Air mansion that Kardashian and West purchased earlier this year for $9 million had become a source of arguments for the couple, so they opted to purchase another house rather than move in. “Kanye’s always been a minimalist and Kim has loved her homes to be luxurious and over-the-top,” a source close to the couple said. “They just cannot agree.”

If Kanye’s preference for minimalist design has been a source of arguments in the past, the choice of name for their new home may be a signal of a change. Kardashian and West’s version of Highclere Castle is located in the Hidden Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, and is on 3.5 acres of land.

Even if the change is only letting Kim call the shots, it’s possible that the Kardashian is using their shared love of Downton Abbey to steer her husband toward the more opulent style she prefers. Sources say that West often calls her Lady and considers himself a “cooler version of Lord Grantham.”

Or could Kanye be distracted by a bundle that has nothing to do with decoration? As Inquisitr previously reported, Kim Kardashian was uncharacteristically all smiles at the November 1 LACMA Art & Film Gala. Rumors of another Kardashian West baby spread when photographs highlighted what appeared to be a baby bump showing through Kardashian’s cobalt blue gown.


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