Sam Frost Walks With New Boyfriend After Awkward Run In With Blake Garvey

Sam Frost, after she was publicly dumped by Blake Garvey, looks like she has cozied up with Dean Ipaviz, a new boyfriend, just moments after an awkward run-in with her ex.

This is not the first a celebrity has had a new boyfriend. According to an earlier report from the Inquisitr, Lea Michele, from the show Glee, has shown her recent love interest in Matthew Paetz by posting a shadow selfie to Instagram.

A source said, “Sam wasn’t happy Blake was there at the same time, but it was an unscheduled encounter and there was nothing anyone could do. She was teary and a bit shocked, but it was apparently Dean who coaxed her back in the marquee and then she handled things beautifully, happily posing for photos with her new boyfriend.”

Blake earlier told News Limited, “I probably won’t say hello [to Sam], but I wish her all the best.”

Frost and Ipaviz met last week at Cleo’s Bachelor of the Year ceremony in Melbourne.

“They seem very happy together,” said another source. “Her mood turned around very quickly; they were laughing, joking and chatting to everyone.”

Dean is a qualified builder, animal lover, vegetarian, and is very green when it comes to the environment.

Dean told Cleo Magazine what makes him fall in love with a woman, “When someone’s driven, the passion that comes out of them is really attractive. Someone who looks after themselves mentally and physically.”

“It’s been an intense few weeks,” Garvey admitted after going public with his relationship with Louise.

“But Louise and I are very happy. And it’s good to see that everyone is moving on,” he added, referring to Frost and her new boyfriend.

Frost’s new boyfriend and her ex have not yet met, although that meeting could be very, very awkward.

“I haven’t said hello to him yet, I probably will later. I have no beef with him, and I do want to say hi but I just wasn’t expecting it,” said Paetz. “I don’t want it to be weird when we see each other.”

“I think everyone wants to move on. We’ve all just sort of put it all behind us, I’m just trying to be positive. I’m in a much better place now. I’ve moved on, Blake and Louise have moved on, we’ve all moved on,” said Frost regarding her new boyfriend and her ex.

Either way, Frost and her new boyfriend are doing well. Louise and Blake are doing well too. Everyone is happy.

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