Wedding Ring Lost: Candy In Your Child’s Halloween Bag Could Hide Surprise

A lost wedding ring, candy, and plastic trinkets all wound up in the same bag on Halloween. Now the wedding ring could be lost forever, hidden within the candy of a child who went trick-or-treating in the Mesa, Arizona, area on Friday night.

A married Arizona woman is desperately hoping for the return of her wedding ring after accidentally passing out the important item of jewelry to a trick-or-treater on Halloween. Her name is Brooklyn Yazzie, and she has been married for 10 years, according to ABC 15. When she and her hubby first wed, Yazzie was just 20-years-old. They couldn’t afford an expensive ring, but after a decade on her finger, the wedding ring is beyond price. Now it’s gone.

“When I first realized what had happened, I just lost my speech, I froze,” Yazzie said of the moment she realized what had happened.

She explained that she took the ring off her finger while helping carve pumpkins with her daughters. Placing the ring in a candy jar for safekeeping, she forgot all about it until later. By then, she had already dumped the contents of the candy jar into a bag of candy.

The bag of treats also held trinkets, plastic rings that likely disguised the presence of her own lost wedding ring buried in the candy. By the time she remembered where she put the ring, it was too late.

Too often, Halloween brings tales of razor blades in apples and other tainted candy being handed out to innocent children. This year, a story shortly before Halloween told of a nasty surprise being hidden inside spuds. Needles in potatoes turned up on Prince Edward Island, affecting residents in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and New Brunswick. No one was injured, but authorities said the person hiding needles in potatoes definitely wanted to cause bodily harm.

If you or your children spot the lost wedding ring in candy received in Mesa, Arizona, on Friday night, its heartbroken owner Brooklin Yazzie would be grateful for its return. The ring doesn’t have much monetary value, but its sentimental value is priceless. Her husband paid $56 for the ring a decade earlier, and Yazzie said the wedding ring would probably fetch just $50 at a pawn shop, but that’s not the point.

“It’s my wedding ring, you know? I mean you could replace it but it’s not the same.”

If you discovered Yazzie’s lost wedding ring in your candy on Halloween, please email her at

[Image via morgueFile]