2K Games delays XCOM into fiscal year 2013

In 2K Games’ second quarter earnings report, the publisher revealed that the 2K Marin-developed reboot of XCOM has been delayed into fiscal year 2013 – which, in non-business speak, means it’s due out at some point between April 2012 and March 2013.

The reboot was originally scheduled for release on March 6, 2012, the same month that another one of Take-Two’s titles, Max Payne 3, is expected to launch. 2K Games didn’t share why XCOM was seeing a delay, so we don’t know for sure whether or not it had anything to do with Max Payne 3, or if the developers just needed more time to polish the game up.

Like another recent reboot, XCOM strays rather far away from its roots. Rather than being a strategy game from an isometric perspective, XCOM is played out as a tactical first-person shooter, but with elements borrowed from the original X-COM games.

To hold you over for what’s going to be a long wait, you can check out 20 minutes worth of XCOM gameplay, which was shown back in August, directly below.

via Rock, Paper, Shotgun