Dwayne Johnson And Daniel Radcliffe Would Love To Be ‘Twinning’ In A New Movie

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Dwayne Johnson is mainly known for his WWE work as The Rock, and it turns out, Daniel Radcliffe has long felt inspired by Johnson’s performances in the ring. Now the two are publicly saying they would be open to the concept of a “twinning” in a new movie.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, artist depictions show how Dwayne Johnson would look as Apocalypse in the X-Men: Future Apocalypse movie. Furious 7 photos also leaked of an epic fight scene between The Rock and Jason Statham.

Daniel Radcliffe is of course also most known for his role as Harry Potter, but Radcliffe has been taking on more adult roles lately, and he has even been working on his American accent. The actor also told Jimmy Fallon that he had learned a lot by watching The Rock, Triple H, Stone Cole Steve Austin, The Undertaker, and Kane in action. Radcliffe says he loved the Attitude Era, and he even proved it by imitating the voices of the various WWE wrestlers.

It turns out Dwayne Johnson is Radcliffe’s favorite wrestler, and it turns out the younger man has a secret desire to star in a movie with the wrestler.

“I harbor a not-so-secret desire to somehow find parts for me and Dwayne Johnson to play in the same movie. My initial thought was like a buddy cop movie with two unlikely partners who are forced together.”

The Rock responded to Radcliffe’s idea by tweeting out that the “movie’s called Twinning.” The only real usage of Twinning in the movie industry is an episode of Movie Magic called Twinning: Four Heads Are Better Than One. We are pretty certain that Dwayne Johnson is not suggesting that they make some weird movie with a multi-headed creature.

Although the movie name suggestion is likely a joke, WWE fans were not amused when they found out that Dwayne Johnson will not wrestle in WrestleMania 31.

When asked, The Rock joked, “I don’t think so. I might get hit in the mouth.”

Johnson is trying to be humorous, but his real life injuries are no laughing matter. The last time Dwayne was in the ring with John Cena he sustained multiple injuries that required surgery. Although fans would love to see The Rock return for WrestleMania 31, there’s a good chance his involvement will be limited since Hollywood would not want their star to be injured right before they begin filming his next big action movie. Of course, this does not prevent wrestlers like Seth Rollins from claiming that The Rock is resented for his Brock Lesnar-like part-timer status.

Would you watch a movie featuring both Dwayne Johnson and Daniel Radcliffe?