Louis Tomlinson’s Busy Work Schedule Is Upsetting His Mom

Louis Tomlinson spends a lot of time these days recording songs, touring the globe, and doing all the stuff expected from one of the world’s most popular singers.

Being in One Direction takes a lot of time and effort. Since there’s always an album, fragrance, book, or documentary to promote, Tomlinson and his pals don’t get to spend a lot of time at home with their families. As you might expect, sometimes this upsets their loved ones, especially when they’re away for months at a time.

According to Unreality TV, Louis Tomlinson and the rest of 1D wish they had more time to hang out with their families. The singer admitted that his mom is a little upset about the amount of time he spends working with the band, though she understands that this is essentially what it takes to make the group an international success.

Tomlinson recently brought BBC Radio 2 up to speed.

“I don’t think anyone [in the band] can ever get home as much as their parents want them to. Obviously we love our parents, and we love coming home.”

Of course, Louis Tomlinson isn’t the only 1D member who feels the sting of spending so much time away from home. Entertainmentwise reports that Niall Horan revealed how much work it takes to keep 1D afloat in the group’s recent autobiography, Who We Are. In short: Horan feels that joining the band may prematurely ended his childhood.

“My childhood was cut short by ‘The X Factor,’ because One Direction took off and I never really got the chance to finish school or do my exams or anything like that. After the first audition, I packed up everything in my life in a bag. What I didn’t realize at the time was that, when I was stuffing clothes into the little suitcase, that was pretty much me leaving home for good… Sometimes I wonder how my childhood prepared me for this madness. On one hand, there is no preparing for this, certainly not on the scale that the band has grown to but I can see how certain things in my early years have helped me.”

Although Louis Tomlinson and the gang will likely head home for the holidays, they’ll no doubt have some work to do beforehand. The group’s fourth album, aptly titled Four, hits retail shelves in the U.S. on November 17. Once the holiday season wraps up, One Direction will hit the road in support of the record.

[Lead image via Fanpop]