Zac Efron And Sami Miro: He Acts ‘Like A Dictator’ And Is ‘Driving Her Crazy’

Zac Efron is reportedly very controlling in his current relationship with Sami Miro, according to OK! Magazine.

The 27-year old actor is apparently “hanging out with other cool dudes” as he prepares for his role as a DJ in the EDM movie We Are Your Friends. However, when he is away from the movie set, OK! Magazine reports that he is “controlling” and “micro-managing all aspects” of Sami Miro’s life.

According to an inside source, Zac Efron has provided Sami Miro with a “catalogue of instructions” that covers everything from what she wears to what she eats.

“Zac has been like a dictator with Sami ever since they went public. He’s micro-managing everything from diet and exercise to her fashion and beauty, and it’s driving her crazy! Zac is a very uptight, controlling guy.”

OK! further states that the friends of Zac Efron are “worried he will drive away his new lady before their romance even gets going officially.”

This would not be the first time that rumors have been circulating about Zac Efron’s “controlling” behavior getting in the way of a seemingly good relationship. Over the summer, Zac was romantically linked to Furious 7 actress Michelle Rodriguez.

Hollywood Life reported that Zac Efron “really fell hard for Michelle” even though the 36-year old actress “wanted to just have fun and not have a super serious relationship.”

An inside source told OK! Magazine that Zac Efron drove Michelle away “because she simply couldn’t deal with” his controlling personality.

Zac Efron’s alleged controlling personality is not exactly the same mentality that he reflected in an interview with back in January when he stated that he did not think there should be “any rules” in “face-to-face relationships.”

“I don’t think there are any rules in real, face-to-face relationships. I think just authenticity and just being yourself is always, without a doubt, the best plan of action. Things happen differently when you’re actually there. You can’t just put out a general guideline. There are no rules … just be yourself. Break all the rules.”

He also talked about the importance of his own commitment to the person with which he has a relationship when he was asked to explain his “general relationship guidelines.”

“I don’t want to commit to being in a relationship that I can’t be 100 percent there for that person all the time. I don’t know. It’s difficult.”

Sami Miro is a model that recently signed a deal with DT Model Management, a Los-Angeles based modeling agency.

What do you think? Is Zsc Efron a controlling boyfriend that needs to slow down and back things up or does he just care a lot about his “commitment” to the relationship?

[Image Credit: US Magazine]