‘The Walking Dead’ Season Five: Is Beth Alive? Emily Kinney Tweets From Atlanta

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

The Walking Dead is famous for it’s gruesome deaths of major characters. But it’s one character in particular that’s weighed heavily on the minds of fans since Season Five’s mid-season finale last year. And that is none other than Beth Greene, played by actress Emily Kinney.

When we last saw Beth on The Walking Dead, her and Daryl Dixon (played by Norman Reedus) were holed up at a funeral home after tussling with some zombies, looking mighty cozy together. Before any Beth/Daryl shippers could get their wishes fulfilled, however, a swarm of walkers launched a furious attack on the couple’s sanctuary and forced the pair to split up and flee.

When Daryl emerged safely from the funeral home, he was too late to save Beth, who was snatched up by a mysterious black limousine bearing a creepy cross. Daryl reunited with the rest of the gang, but he — and the entire Walking Dead fandom — was left wondering if Beth Greene was alive or dead.

Actress Emily Kinney herself may have revealed a clue as to whether Beth is indeed coming back as she took to Twitter to announce she’s back in Atlanta:

Besides acting on Walking Dead, Kinney also doubles as a talented musician and singer. She also tweeted the promo for this Sunday’s episode that gives us insight into what happened to Beth after she was abducted:

So while it’s been confirmed that Beth will appear this season, the question of whether she’s alive or dead is still up in the air. But as Wet Paint is now reporting, a Walking Dead fan who claimed to meet Emily Kinney may have provided us with an answer to that as well:

“It’s good to have friends. For everyone wondering about the fate of Emily Kinney’s Beth Greene on AMC’s The Walking Dead, one of my friends confirmed that, after meeting Kinney in NYC, she’s flying back to Atlant[a] this week to continue filming.”

“Anyone who’s seen the trailers for the show’s 5th season knows that Beth is alive and currently holed up in a hospital in Atlanta with other survivors, but is she in danger? Carol and Daryl left to look for her during this season’s second episode.”

“Having Kinney back for filming after the season has premiered means that she may survive through this season and into the next.”

So now Walking Dead fans wait with bated breath as to the fate of Beth Greene. At the end of last episode, Daryl is seen talking to someone in the woods, telling them to come out. Is it Beth? Or is it Carol? As reported by Inquistr, Carol is rumored to be the next in line to die on the show, so if it’s not either of them, could a new face be introduced to the group?

You’ll have to watch this Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead to find out! Watch the preview for this week’s episode below: