Ed Sheeran ‘Marries’ Ill Fan

Ed Sheeran has verbally agreed to marry one of his many fans after she proposed to him at one of his shows.

The incident occurred in Glasgow, Scotland, and it saw 19-year-old Katie Papworth ask the “A Team” singer if she could become Mrs. Sheeran. Ed Sheeran graciously accepted her ring and her proposal, but then fiendishly refused to reveal a date for their impending nuptials.

What makes Ed Sheeran’s gesture even more heartbreakingly beautiful is that Katie Papworth is gravely ill. She suffers from an aggressive form of bran cancer. Just under two weeks ago, she actually went blind because of her condition, which she has been battling for eight years. She was originally diagnosed with the disease back in 2006. Katie then underwent intensive therapy that resulted in it going into remission for five years. Tragically, it later returned in 2011, but this time it had hit her spine.

Her family were able to work out a way for Katie to meet her favorite pop star and idol just a few minutes before he performed at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro. She then took this opportunity to propose to him, and she even presented a ring to him. She then asked if she could become Mrs. Sheeran, and he said yes. You can see an image of Ed Sheeran and his future wife below.


Ms Papworth, who hails from just outside of Glasgow, then also gave him a picture that she had painted of a Lego house. This was in tribute to one of his songs. He then signed another copy of the picture that she planned to keep for herself and wrote on it, “Dear Katie, lovely to finally meet my wife.”

Trish Papworth, Katie’s mother, spoke to the Mirror about the entire incident, and she admitted that her daughter was blown away by Ed Sheeran’s antics.

“Katie took the picture of the lego house she’d made and gave Ed a ring with an infinity symbol. Ed loved her artwork and asked if he could keep it for his wall. When she presented the ring he smiled and said, ‘ I suppose I should say yes. OK’ He made it really special for her and she’s since said she needs to think about bridesmaids.”

Katie also confirmed that the pair of them haven’t worked out a date for the ceremony before confessing “it’s not official because we haven’t been in a church.”

[Image via FanPop]