Those wacky Brit soldiers are at it again [VIDEO]

Initiations are a pretty common thing in all kinds of organizations. Everything from high school football teams to university frat houses. The idea being that in order to belong to some pseudo elite club you need to take part in some stupid hazing routine or take part in a supposedly age old ritual. In other cases it’s just a matter of being wiling to show just how stupid you are and with the proliferation of online video much of these stupid stunts eventually find their way onto the web.

Such is the case of a training exercise held by a senior officer in Iraq that saw him and another soldier bite the heads off of life chickens. While I am sure this makes for great stories told around the pubs later on I don’t think that is does much for the publics general opinion of their members of the arm forces. the following video is of one such incident caught on film and consider yourself warned that this isn’t for the weak stomached of you.