Nancy Grace Says Dr. Conrad Murray Will Feel the Wrath of God

Dr. Conrad Murray has more important things to worry about than prison time. According to Nancy Grace, Murray will feel the wrath of God for what he did to Michael Jackson.

Grace said:

“God is going to get him. He’s going to be miserable. He can run but he can’t hide. He and Casey Anthony can have a tea party when he gets out in four years.”

Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty yesterday of the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson. Murray was immediately placed in prison where he will await sentencing.

According to CBS, Murray faces a sentence of up to four years in prison for involuntary manslaughter. Murray is filing an appeal in an effort to reduce his sentence to house arrest. But even if Murray gets the full sentence, Nancy Grace won’t be satisfied.

Grace said:

“I don’t think that’s fair. In fact, I think that he should have gotten murder one with propofol as a deadly weapon, and should have spent life behind bars.”

Grace received a type of sentencing yesterday from “Dancing With the Stars” judge Len Goodman. Goodman said:

“For me, you’ve had kind of a Cinderella story here,” he told Ms. Grace. “But it’s midnight and it’s time to go home.”

Do you agree with Nancy Grace? Should Dr. Conrad Murray be given a harsher sentence? Do you think God will avenge Michael Jackson’s death?

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