What Louis Tomlinson And Harry Styles Never Do In Public

With stars like Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles from One Direction, you know massive fame and fortune is part of the package. For example, it was recently learned that Liam Payne made roughly $150 every 60 seconds for the entire year of 2013. So guys like Louis Tomlinson, who presumably enjoy the same level of success, should expect to have some downsides to the fame. For Louis and Harry, it's having such recognizable faces.

According to Unreality TV, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles recently revealed what makes them uncomfortable about going out and public and even shared their stance on being recognized by fans and photographers. In a recent interview, Louis and Harry were asked whether or not they ever dress in a disguise while going out in public to deter eager One Directioners and paparazzi. After all, many celebrities have been known to conceal their identities in public to avoid causing a scene, so it would be reasonable if Louis and Harry followed suit. But both Tomlinson and Styles claimed they never do it and gave an understandable reason why: it makes them uncomfortable.

"It would just be too uncomfortable if you got caught out like, wouldn't it?" said Louis Tomlinson. "It would be like 'oh yeah I have dressed up as someone else and it is pretty weird."

Tomlinson's buddy Harry Styles agreed that it would be incredibly awkward to be wearing a disguise and then be recognized anyway.

"I think the thing is about a disguise, if you were to go out in disguise, which is kind of embarrassing anyway," Harry said, "the amount of embarrassment you would feel after being discovered would be too much."

While Louis and Harry wear their One Direction identities proudly, Liam Payne admits he uses one tactic to hide himself.

"I think a baseball cap is the way to go really," said Liam.
Do you think a baseball cap would be enough to conceal the faces of Louis Tomlinson or Harry Styles?

Speaking of public appearances, Louis, Harry and the other One Direction guys recently held an intimate book signing with fans to promote their book Where Are We Now. Louis Tomlinson seemed to be upholding his claim that he wears his own face with pride, because at the signing Louis was the only one making ridiculous faces for the camera, according to Heat World. You can see a photo below of Louis enjoying himself and the cameras.

One Direction book launch photo.

What would you do if you were as famous as One Direction? Would you take the Tomlinson route and mug for photos?

[Images courtesy of Heat World]