Bethenny Frankel Stirs Things Up With New Blenders

Bethenny Frankel may have been famous for being on The Real Housewives of New York, but she is working hard to make sure that her business does well outside of the housewives franchise. Bethenny is writing several books, as she has just released a children’s book, Cookie Meets Peanut, and announced this week that a Skinnygirl cocktails book was available on the market now.

But Bethenny Frankel is also continuing her success with her Skinnygirl brand, which includes nutritional bars, shapers, yoga clothes, and DVDs. She has been working on various products that fall under her healthy umbrella of products, so this week she announced her first product in the kitchen appliances industry.

According to a new Bravo report, Bethenny Frankel is now releasing a brand new line of blenders. Of course, Frankel is known for her margaritas, so it only makes sense to stir it up in a branded Skinnygirl blender. They come in black, red, and turquoise. This blender is just the first of many kitchen appliances that could potentially come from Bethenny Frankel.

The blender will first launch on QVC next weekend, where people will able to call in and get a blender. Then the blenders will be rolled out in various stores, including Target, JCPenney, Walmart, and Sam’s Club. And the price can’t be beat; they will retail for just $24.99 each.

“Housewares is the perfect fit for Skinnygirl,” Bethenny Frankel has said of these blenders, adding, “Appliances in your home should encourage a healthy lifestyle, be practical, innovative and easy to use for people on the go.”

Bethenny Frankel has been working on her business behind the scenes, but it is possible that fans will see part of her work on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New York. After her talk show ended in May of this year she felt that she needed something else in her life. Bethenny decided to sign on to The Real Housewives of New York to return to her roots. According to the Inquisitr, she called her return to the show “fresh and new,” as it is very different from when she was previously on.

And it sounds like she has learned quite a bit being on the show and getting married in the public eye. Now, she is a single mother with a business empire. So, it is natural that she is reflecting over the mistakes she may have made over the years.

“Not going with my gut in my personal life versus my professional life” and “not being able to be really honest about seeing the big picture and the road ahead… with myself,” Bethenny Frankel has revealed about her two biggest mistakes her life.

Would you pick up Bethenny Frankel’s new blender?

[Image via Instagram]