‘Trick Or Meat’, Arby’s And Other Food Chains Summoning Customers With Halloween Deals

Halloween is traditionally a day for children to summon the creatures from the depths of their imagination and become the characters of their dreams. For an adult, although the magic may still be buried deep within their memories, participation in the begging for treats is largely frowned upon. However, many fast food chains have set out to change that this year, providing tasty treats for for adults (and children too) to give that extra boost of energy as they trek form house to house amid the ghouls and ghosts of the night.

All in all, quite a few food chains have decided to treat their customers this Halloween day. Although the treats are enticing, the trick is to get you into the fast food chains and spend your money.

Arby’s is offering p their ‘Trick or meat’ promotion. Any customer that says ‘trick or meat’, while ordering, will receive free bacon on anything they wish. The trick is to decide whether you want the bacon on your milkshake, roast beef sandwich, or tucked neatly within your curly fries. Free bacon might be the tastiest treat offered this Halloween, it will be hard to top it!

Chipotle is also offering up some treats today. Anyone that enters their stores wearing a costume will be able to participate in their Boo-rito event and receive a burrito for only $3.00. In addition to the discount, Chipotle is also donating a portion of its proceeds, up to $1 million, to the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation.

Krispe Kreme will also participate in the Halloween festivities by giving away a free doughnut to anyone wearing a costume today. Sous like a pretty sweet treat!

Starbucks will offer a discount on their ‘Franken Frappuccinos’ after 2 p.m., providing the treat for only $3. IHOP will offer a ‘scary face pancake’ free to children under 12.

Olive Garden and Outback Steakhouse are both offering free meals to children that dine with their parents. Of course, there is fine print. Outback limits their promotion to two free children’s meals and Olive Garden requires the free meal t be paired with an adult entree.

The plethora of tasty treats at each of the food chains may summon a craving from the depths of your gut, releasing the hungry beast within. However, are the treats any better than the candy that the adults will ultimately borrow from their children’s bags? Will you take advantage of these Halloween treats, or will you trick the ghouls and ghosts with healthy alternatives?

[Photo Courtesy: Bacon Today]